Here is my water

“Where does water come from? ”

Water that flows into our sinks and bathtubs either comes from rivers and lakes or from water flowing down below the Earth’s surface called groundwater. Most towns and cities have a big system of pipes that go deep into the Earth, suck groundwater up from down below and pump it through a series of pipes all the way into our homes and schools.

You may be wondering, “How does water get under the ground?” To understand where water comes from, we need to learn about a process called The Water Cycle.

Water in oceans, rivers, ponds and lakes is heated by the sun, which turns it into water vapor, (which is kind of like invisible water) and the vapor forms a cloud up in the sky. When a cloud gets so full of water that it can’t hold anymore, it rains! The rain water travels back into our rivers and oceans, or it soaks down deep into the ground, creating more groundwater. It’s a great system!


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