Have you ever wondered?
How was the water our Dinosaur drank millions of years ago?
Maybe it was cleaner, safer; maybe it was’nt.
A quick look at the water game through the ages shows where water has won; where we have lost.
Every year as vast areas of continents are getting drier, we keep reminding ourselves –
Rain or shine, we need to save water all the time.
Here is the season of sharing lots of ideas, tips to continue save water inside and outside our homes.
Every drop we save helps.
Join Pravaha, an initiative of Powai Info for water conservation – A Passion for Water.

Pravaha endeavours to raise awareness of the importance of water to the level of everyday understanding in all age groups.

Turn your pledge to save water into meaningful actions.

Water has been and will remain precious beyond imagination.

Where would be the global water crisis – if each of us can take care of water at the individual level?

Pravaha promotes water literacy and sees every individual as a water ambassador.We believe that raising awareness about how the use of water affects the quality and quantity of this precious resource will transform into meaningful projects of water improvement.

Pravaha’s resources include photographs, poetry, drawings, slogans , inspiring stories and solutions from around the world and views related to WATER by sharing which we intend to help others to see and do their bit for water.

Through partnerships and collaboration, Pravaha promotes its cause to create and enhance water conservation and management.

When we take time to learn what water is worth, the possibilities are limitless.Water is worth it!

Say Hello to Oxygen. Say H2O.

Write to us: pravaha123@gmail.com




Pl. note: This is an attempt to help each one of us on a journey to realise how wonderful water is and how important it is to use water prudently and conserve it. The images and other material have been shared by friends of Pravaha from around the world. If you feel any of it is inappropriate or unauthorised content, do let us know.


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