Say Hi 5 to the Earth Pledge Live Event – Oberoi International School, Mumbai

Choice, chances,changes – You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.

Pravaha’s Say Hi – 5 to the Earth Pledge Live Event at Oberoi International School, Mumbai

The management of our natural resources is mainly dependent on WHAT WE CHOOSE TO DO and WHAT WE CHOOSE NOT TO DO. We are constantly made aware of the issues around us.

The first Say Hi 5 to the Earth event was conducted in Oberoi International School, Mumbai on 5th September, 2014. 1000 + students agreed with us that “We are the solution” .They took pledges and shared their cool ideas on how they would like to make the planet better. This pledge is what they feel would take them a step further from the awareness initiated and the learning behind it. This is the change we have been hoping for too. The journey will continue….

The students had fun sharing their ideas for a better planet and their pledges. Thanks to the teachers for all the support extended. The kids came up fabulous ideas for the Live Art Event. Will share the posters soon.

And here are the pledges!! Cool

More pledges will follow. Thanks a lot Mrs. Varsha Pawaskar, Ms. Shraddha, Mr.Santosh for the support and encouragement.


Young minds at work. Sharing their ideas – say Hi 5 to the Earth Pledge Live Event 

We also had an art poster exchange program where the kids gifted each other their posters with their message to save the planet.

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