Men and water


Imagine being a father who struggles to give his family safe water because you live in a region where access is limited. Without the life-saving resource, many men who face the global water and sanitation crises share a sense of frustration. Read more about men and fathers who championed safe water and the dignity of a toilet for their families and communities.

Sharing the sentiments of many men India, where 802 million people have no sanitation, Muddumare did not want his family defecating in the open any more. Through a WaterCredit loan he constructed a toilet at their home, where now, his children can focus on getting an education and Muddumare can focus on his agricultural business to provide for them.

Mahadev was frustrated with not having access to safe water for his family. Through WaterCredit he installed a tap at home freeing him to spend more time earning a living for them, and less time walking and waiting to get water.

In Ethiopia 49 million people lack access to safe water. As water committee members, these men diligently watch over and maintain their community’s water well for the health of their wives and children.

As a retired mason, Kathirvel hopes to teach his toilet masonry skills to the men in his community so like him; they can construct toilets at their own homes and earn a living building them for others.


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