Dr.Sekar Raghavan, Rain Centre, Chennai on Eco-sanitation

sekarTalking about water is of little use without dealing with issues of sanitation.
Eco-sanitation is one concept he’s been passionate about.Sekar Raghavan initiated it in a village in Kovalam (along the east coast of Tamilnadu). The villagers were made to understand that their water table being high, would very quickly get contaminated, if they continued with their existing methods of sanitation. Coupled with this was the progressive reduction of open spaces for defecation, caused by a spurt in construction.

“Quite a few people saw the potential of a system like this and we’ve built a number of ecosan toilets with funding support from a company in Japan. There is however, even now, a lot of reluctance. People feel unclean about having such a toilet in their homes, and switch to traditional water-fed ones. I do however strongly feel that if we keep at it, we can change these perceptions.

Ecosan toilets will be particularly suitable in agricultural villages where the compost can serve as manure”.

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